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Battle Star: Trek Wars RPG Available Now

There's a lot of sci-fi RPGs that treat it all as "very serious business." They portray everything as dark and gritty, full of men with beards and slime-coated aliens ready to rip you in half.
But what about things like Space Balls and Futurama and Galaxy Quest? Where's the RPG for those types of sci-fi worlds. It's here in Battle Star: Trek Wars. And you can pick up your copy now.

From the release:

If you're into sleazy space opera and classic sci-fi homage/parody, then hold on to your laser-cheeks!

This contains 4 short scenarios, advice for running Alpha Blue, optional rules (such as using 7 words and phrases for character creation), tons of awesome artwork, and lots of random tables.

The files include both a full-color interior and printer-friendly black and white version. Plus, there's the gigantic, full-color map of the Ta'andor galaxy!!!