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Battle Over Caprona at Mustache Bash Steampunk Gathering

The Vul Con team will be attending the Mustache Bash Steampunk Gathering to demo their Battle Over Caprona game. From their announcement:
Gamer's Inn and Steam Crow are hosting a Steampunk Gathering called Mustache Bash at Gamer's Inn in Mesa, AZ on Saturday August 6th, starting at 1pm. The Vul-Con Team will be there running Battle Over Caprona Demo using the Wings of War rules. Come join in and pilot either one of the Sopwith Camels from the Aircraft Carrier HMS Furious as it engages a flock of pterodactyls over the island of Caprona (from the Edgar Rice Burroughs book "The Land that Time Forgot") or one of the ferocious pterodactyls. The Vul-Con Team is also please to announce that at 3pm we will be conducting a Skype interview with Paul Guinan, creator of the hit Steampunk character Boilerplate, featured in pictures, books, comics, and, if the rumors are true, an upcoming movie project connected with J.J. Abrams. Join us to find out more, ask your questions, and meet an amazingly talented individual through the miracle of the Aetherwebs. We hope to see you there.