Battle Foam price drop on all 432's

Battle Foam is dropping the price on their 432 series of army cases. From their announcement:
One of the things I promised everyone when I started Battle Foam was that I would never charge more for our products then we needed to. I also promised everyone that if we found a way to cut costs in our production we would pass that savings on to everyone of our customers. Well, guess what? As some of you may have heard we have expanded our warehouse and production force to over 10,000 SF. This allowed for more equipment, more storage, and more man power. All of this created a savings in our operational costs. The bottom line is we saved money, so you guys save money. As of February 1st all of the 432 bags have been reduced. These bags are our biggest sellers and we move hundreds of units each month. For that reason we feel that even more people should benefit from a great bag at a lesser price. So effective now the price for the 3 versions of the bags are as follows. Thank you everyone for making Battle Foam a success, and we'll keep up the hard work.