Battle Foam no longer selling to Miniature Market

By tgn_admin
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Aug 24th, 2011

Miniature Market have announced that Battle Foam is no longer selling product to the US based online retailer.

From their website:

Battlefoam has decided to no longer allow us to purchase their products. We will be discounting all of their items until they are gone.

  • papasmrf667

    Why would this be? I use miniature market for everything? My other two battlefoam bags came from miniature market. Even GW is on miniature market?
    on a side note I ate breakfast next to Romeo at gencon, seemed like a nice guy.

    • PanzerKraken

      Believe MM was offering one of the largest discounts on Battle Foam stuff and I suspect Battle Foam was not happy with how low they were selling it at.

  • Zac

    Please keep the comments to the current news and not past legal issues please.

  • That’s unfortunate. I do like their choice as a replacement. I’ve been looking at KR as a new storage solution. While Battlefoam is great (I own quite a few bags) times are hard and I need something more affordable that can still get the job done.

    • KaneBlaireau

      I imported a KR case, one of the very basic ones, just to try it out. VERY nice! I like it a lot. My FLGS is looking at carrying them after he saw mine. Will have to check in about that. I wonder if this is related to MM carrying KR? Or am I mistaken than they do?

      • Killraven

        I just recieved my first KR case yesterday, from their now functioning US operations. I’m very, very happy and my gaming group will be ordering at least another half-dozen cases before the end of the month. Definitely the best bang-for-the-buck out there in figure cases!

    • Veritas

      I’ve been checking out KR, Battlefoam, Sabol, and Outrider. KR is looking to be the best bag for the buck. Battlefoam looks like they probably are the best quality, but the price is just ridiculous. Like someone else said, I’d rather go for good enough over brand recognition so I have more money to put figures IN my new case.

      • Heheh your comment reminds me of when I joke with my wife about her bags. “Would you want money left over to put in your bag?” 🙂 Oddly enough she started telling me I have too many bags and that my battlefoam bags are just as expensive as hers. How the tables have turned. 😛

  • alanshutko

    Interesting. I emailed Battlefoam about this, and they responded “Miniature Market requested to have the account closed over 3 months ago.” (And directed me at another local retailer.)

    • Interesting. Seems like one party is not being entirely truthful on the matter which is concerning to me as a consumer.

      • PanzerKraken

        Don’t see why MM will lie, they have been selling both brands cases for a while now so it’s not like they are trying to sway people here. Random email to Battlefoam is of course going to get PR talk or some random peon talk in return.

        • HiveStar

          Romeo, Romeo! Where art thine accountability, Romeo?

      • I wonder which one…no, I really don’t.

      • Zac

        There isn’t actually any reason why both statements can’t be true. We just don’t know the context of what went on.

        Its probably not a good idea to jump to conclusions. We also don’t know if the person responding to Alan’s email had all the information.

      • Azgamer

        BF is not known for being truthful

  • lordofexcess

    Its always humorous how people endlessly complain when say games workshop does stuff like this (shutting down online retailers who discount their stuff). Those sentiments never seems to cross over to the third party guys.

    For me ya Battle Foam makes good stuff (at least their trays) … but their prices are outlandishly high given what your getting. I have high end gun cases and camera cases that are actually cheaper than battle foam and a hell of alot more durable. I love my armies but my $4500.00 camera setup is alot more precious to me … and the two cases I use for them cost about the same price as battlefoam stuff. These days if I use a foam tray system at all I go with sabol trays and skip the crappy soft side cooler bags. I’ve always said if you paid someone to paint your army 2K … ok maybe spending 200 bucks on the bag for it might be warranted. If you painted it and the army is a 300-400 total cost … is using a 150 dollar bag really worth it? I guess there is the chick factor … ya if you want to impress the other girls with your Prada bag go with something like Battle Foam. Otherwise get creative and be realistic about your needs and spend the money you save on more minis 🙂 Just my take … I’m sure many will completely disagree.

    • Zac

      Miniature cases are most likely done in much smaller batches than camera cases. The price per unit of them is going to be higher.

      I suspect that you camera bag was also made by a much larger company and so the economy of scale in terms of product and distribution will help to limit the cost per unit of each bag as well.

      Smaller firms invariably have a higher price for items based simply on the fact that they can’t produce in mass quantities to get larger material and shipping discounts.

      I think that Battle Foam make very nice cases. They are quite sturdy and they come in a variety of sizes. I happen to think that the foam is quite firm though and I’ve always had concerns about how it would treat my figures.

      I guess there is the chick factor … ya if you want to impress the other girls with your Prada bag go with something like Battle Foam.

      I don’t think this is really necessary. You can make your point without trying to disparage people.

  • drahken

    That’s to bad they choose to do that. On the lighter side, MM is now carrying KR multi-cases, IMO are far superior and a better price too. I picked up the standard case at Gen Con this year and I am extremely pleased with it. With the price MM is offering, I will be buying a double case from them here in the near future.

  • wittdooley

    So what, you’re deleting comments now without even notifying the poster? Really nice, TTGN.

    • Zac

      I assume that when you respond to a post that is clearly outside of the Comment Code of Conduct for the site and I delete that post then you understand that your post gets deleted too since it makes no sense after I delete the original.

      I don’t have a lot of free time and so I only tend to email people when I think it isn’t clear why I am deleting their comment.

      • wittdooley

        I think you should have actually read my comment, then. I merely said that his issues with Romeo were clouding his opinion of the BattleFoam product.

        As such, no, it wasn’t clear why you’d delete that comment.

        • Zac

          I think you should have actually read my comment, then.

          What you wrote is irrelevant.

          As I went to lengths to explain above, you replied to and made reference to a comment that was deleted. As such there was no context for your comment, it wouldn’t have been seen to be a reply to anything and it wouldn’t have made any sense to anyone reading it.

          Your comment was deleted for reasons that had nothing to do with what you wrote.

          I am hoping that this is clear now.

          • Zac

            What you wrote is irrelevant.

            This probably comes across as far more abrasive than it is meant.

            What I meant to say was that your comment was not removed because of what you said but simply because it was a reply to Victor.

          • wittdooley

            Makes sense now. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t the content of my post.

          • Zac

            Nothing like that at all. I routinely delete replies to post that get removed simply to avoid confusing people.

  • Twisted Victor

    They’ve got to appear impartial to the advertisers by deleting comments that the advertisers don’t like.

    But I really think this is the kind of publicity that Romeo is going for, negative but FREE!

    • Zac

      They’ve got to appear impartial to the advertisers by deleting comments that the advertisers don’t like.

      You posted a comment that included a rude personal attack on a person. This has nothing to do with me trying to be impartial but with me not wanting to have to deal with bullshit from people that can’t control themselves and comport themselves with some modicum of respect for others or the readers of this site.

      If you can’t conform to the Comment Code of Conduct that is linked to at the top of the comment field then don’t post here.

      If you want to launch a personal attack on people then find a different site to do it and also don’t act surprised when your comment is deleted. You’re acting in a fashion that you know is not wanted on this site nor tolerated. You shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised when your comment gets deleted since you’ve been told via email several times that this sort of thing is not appropriate.

      If you want to post here then follow the very brief and limited rules that the site has regarding comments. If you don’t want to follow those then don’t post. Its quite simple.

  • antenociti

    Hard cases are the only way to go if you are serious about protecting your figures and models, especially if you move your figures about from place to place. If its just a storage-system that mostly, or only, stays at home, then go for a soft bag (or no bag).

    Sabol, KR, FIC and Battlefoam all do nice inserts. My personal preference is for KR as the foam is very soft and doesnt rub figures or models and KR have hard cases.

    Battlefoam have a quality product, but they could do with having some rigid cases.

    • KelRiever

      I’ll be one to disagree about hard cases. I’ve never had a problem with a soft case, though yes, I am sure a hard one is better. But if you mistread your case your figures are likely to feel it no matter what.

      Having said that, figure cases from companies who make them are part vanity, part time saver, all for the cost. Anyone seriously interested in saving a lot of money can get their own foam and nice hard case from the box hardware store of their choice, and cut out their ever so preciously perfect pockets for their figures themselves. It is just a bit of a pain for me so I buy Sabol pluck foam and only enough cases that I want to move stuff around them. Most of my finished but unused minis sit in those foam trays until ready to be used, then get swapped into a case for travel when ready. Thankfully, my friends only play 2-3 different mini games at a time for a few months, so the swapping is only every so often.

      • KelRiever

        PS I may have to get a hard case if I get any of those sweet Antenocitis Workshop figures though. Flattery some? 😀

        • antenociti

          But if you mistread your case your
          figures are likely to feel it no
          matter what.

          Well, it is more the case (tada!) that somebody else mistreats your case, such as kicking it over and falling on it = £1000+ worth of damaged show figures (porably due to landing on it mostly).

          However: a van ran into my KR hard case, punting if 20 foot away at high speed into a wall… no damage at all to the contents.

          So, my experience says: hard case = better.

          The “softness” of the foam is key if travelling a lot as vibration damage: abrasion caused by road vibration rubbing the figure against the foam, is caused with harder foams.

          Genreally “soft case foam” is harder than rigid-case foam, as the bag gets its shape and strength from the foam trays, not the case. Obviously with a hard case this is not the case (tada!).

          A big issue, as i mentioned earlier, is how much you move your figures and where to. Setting up, and breaking down, at shows means lots of people around to kick your figures over (or knock your show models on the floor etc etc). Driving up and down Britain with themin the boot, lots of vibration.

          If you go to a game club, once a week, by train with the box on your lap the whole time, never out of your sight and alwys in your control… it aint gonna be such an issue.

          Hard cases are better, to various degrees depending on your own usage though.

          I trust my KR hard cases around the elephants at a show: which doesnt make Battlefoam cases or foam bad, i just prefer it for my own circumstances.

          If all these bag/foam manufacturers did drop-shipping then I’d “stock them all”.

          • KelRiever


            Okay, I can see here that there is a rather humorous cultural difference here XD

            So, if I lived in your shoes, I can see I’d get me one hard box. Probably with a remote sensore and minigun. Just in case.

            Here’s why I get soft cases:

            a) I have no van’s stalking me
            b) the pavement I drive on does not attack my car (in other words, no cobblestone roads or anything like that)
            c) I don’t take the train, I strictly drive, to my weekly game. My car is decent enough where it isn’t a concern.
            d) If I go to a convention or store, it is a once in a while thing. I guard my case like a hawk. In the end, if something goes, it goes, and I repair it. But it seldom, if ever, happens.

            So, there you have it. I feel somewhat sorry, and definitely humored, by your descriptions. Nevertheless, I am clear that a hard case is something for you, and others in your situation. When I find a good minigun manufacturer who sells to the public, I’ll remember to send you the link 🙂

  • dburton

    From one fiasco to another lol. This is exactly why I won’t buy from Battlefoam. Nice stuff but how a company does business is as important to me as what they sell. As “lord” put it, I dont find that miniatures have any need for “premium” storage. My Army Transport case (and my many many Chessex cases) is just as durable as anything Battlefoam puts out and I highly prefer being able to slot out my own cases anyway. I find zero use for a case that is custom cut for my figures. Glad to see MM is stocking KR now. Been looking at their stuff for a while.

  • I dont think there is any “special” foam. so wherever you get it from its made out of the same stuff. I dont see a bag being “higher” quality either as most of them are made in china or wherever. One company I know of does American made bags.

    I’ve got to say its a smart business decision to turn a bag into status symbol.

    • Ben Wafer

      I dont think there is any “special” foam. so wherever you get it from its made out of the same stuff.

      This is most definitely not true. All you have to do is touch a foam insert from Battlefoam, touch one from Sabol, touch one from Charon, etc in order to realize instantly that they’re very different in terms of consistency. Some are much softer than others. Softer is generally less likely to rub paint off if the model moves around, while firmer is more likely to keep your models from moving around and breaking. Which is best? Well, that largely comes down to personal opinion, but bottom line there are several very different kinds of foam on the market.

    • Zac

      I dont think there is any “special” foam. so wherever you get it from its made out of the same stuff.

      Almost all manufacturers have different types of foam. Sabol, Outrider and Charon use a “medium” firmness of foam and the foam that BF uses is slightly more rigid. Its clearly different in composition than the other foam I have come across.

      • Mahrdol

        I prefer KR foam over Battlefoam. Kr foam is very soft.