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Battle Foam New Releases

Battle Foam Has new releases for storing and displaying your favorite miniatures and previews their new X-Board Fury Travel Display system:

From their post:

Available soon:

Legion Of Everblight Throne Of Judgement Foam trays. (Gamers get ready for the perfect solution to the new Battle Engine transportation problem. The Throne Of Judgement Trays)

MagnaRack storage solution. (The ideal options for gamers looking to magnatize their models and remove the foam. Ideal for storage or transport. Fits inside any Warmachine or Hordes bags)

Stacker Home Storage Unit. (The best option for storing your foam trays in a home setting. Ideal for keeping wives and girlfriends happy and content)

Privateer Press Big Bag. (The newest creation for the Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes fans. This case holds a bit more foam but still fits on a plane. It also has wheels for heavy armies)

Available in April:

The X-Board Fury Travel Display is the official Privateer Press movement solution. The X-Board Fury is an injection molded plastic modular display board designed for tournament and casual gamers. The X-Board Fury easily breaks down to fit in most luggage or Battle Foam bags and makes traveling a breeze. The hard plastic boards allow for multiple display options and the quality black finish makes quick work of painting and basing. The X-Board Fury can be used for tournament displays or just to carry your models from table to table.

Battle Foam and Privateer Press have designed the X-Board Fury Modular Travel Display to work with the entire range of current and future Warmachine and Hordes models. The X-Board Fury's patent pending design has handles that snap in quickly and easily. The durable injection molded handles and boards come with a Full Life Time Warranty. Gamers can simply primer, paint, and assemble for an amazing looking display that will guarantee a professional appearance.

Gamers can also use the X-Board Fury with the X-Board Travel Display rail system for those truly epic model counts. Please note that the X-Board Travel Display rails are not included with this purchase. You must purchase the X-Board Travel Display for this rail system.

The X-Board Fury comes with the following:

· 1x Tray A with various size circles
· 1x Tray B with various size circles including some for Warmachine or Hordes Battle Engines
· 1x Pair of handles to make carrying the boards easy

The X-Board Fury comes unassembled and unpainted. The X-Board Fury dimensions when assembled with handles 18"W x 10.5"L X-board Fury dimensions when assembled with optional X-Board Travel Display Rails (sold separately)- 24"W x 18L"