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Battle Foam has new Iron Kingdoms messenger bag

Battle Foam has just unveiled their new Iron Kingdoms messenger bag and are now taking pre-orders. What better could there be to carry around your new Iron Kingdoms RPG books?

From the release:

The Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag is a great accessory for this role playing game. The large main pocket will comfortably fit the Iron Kingdoms Core Rules or can be used to carry a laptop instead. An exandable zipper on the large pocket adds two inches of storage space to make room to carry additional rulebooks.

There are additional pockets to store papers, thinner books or even an iPad. This bag has a pocket specifically made to store one pluck foam tray, which can be customized in order to easily transport your RPG miniatures. This pluck foam tray is included with your purchase. Another pocket is available to store dice and other gaming accessories. The front of this pocket has four smaller pockets for holding game cards.