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Battle Flag release Wallenstein's Imperial Army

Battle Flag have released a set of wargaming flags for Wallenstein's Imperial Army of The Thirty Years War. Wallenstein's Imperial Army From their announcement:
With this month’s Lutzen article, in Wargames Illustrated featuring flags and banners by Battle Flag, I thought it about time to increase the Thirty Years War range of wargame flags to encompass more of the spectacular flags carried by the Armies of the period. With help from the Wargames illustrated back catalogue I was able to find details on literally hundreds of flags and banners from the Thirty Years War. Having long been an admirer of Wallenstein his was the first army tackled. I have designed no less than thirty new TYW wargame flags released on 10 plates, printed as always with archival quality inks on quality papers, for Wallenstein's Imperial Army. I have also added a set of Virgin and Child Banners to the Bayern & Liga forces and , not to be out done, another fine set for the Swedish. Many more Thirty Years War flags will be published over the coming weeks as I am determined to make Battle Flag’s range of Thirty Years War flags the finest and most complete in the industry.