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Battle Flag release U.S. Volunteer Infantry flags

Battle Flag have released new flags of the U.S. Volunteer Infantry of the Mexican-American War. U.S. Volunteer Infantry flags From their announcement:
As this is my first posting of 2011 I would like to start by wishing all Battle Flag customers and TGN members a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. The latest set of model flags from Battle Flag for the Mexican American War covers 10 Regiments of U.S. Volunteer Infantry. The 10 States represented are; California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersy and Virginia. Following in the same style as the two previous sets (Mexican Infantry and U.S Regular Infantry) the plate of flags carries an image of General Zachary Taylor and a facsimile of his signature. Again this set has been given the official stamp of approval from First Corps Miniatures and here at Battle Flag we are proud to be the authorized designer of flags for their excellent range of 28mm miniatures. A set of Generic 28 star U.S National Colours are also available, with three flags per set, for you boys that like to use two flags with your Regiments. This particular set is also available in 18mm. Other scales are available upon request. Click Here to go to our secure online shop