Battle Flag release the flags of the infantry of the Mexican Republic

Battle Flag have expanded their range of Mexican-American War flags.

Mexican flags sheet 1

From their announcement:

Maintaining the theme that we started on the U.S. Infantry sheet the first Mexican plate, from Battle Flag, carries 10 wargame flags of Santa Anna’s Infantry.

The Regiments represented on the full colour model flag sheet are; 1st Regiment, Morelos, 5th Regiment, Aldama, 6thRegiment, Jimenez, 2nd Movil, Grenadiers of the Supreme Powers, Fixed Battalion California, Fixed Battalion Mexico, Puebla National Guard, San Blas Activos and the Aguascalientes Activos.

A contemporary picture of Santa Anna and a facsimile of his signature complete this stylish sheet of wargame flags for the Mexican Infantry of the Mexican American War.

Designed specifically for First Corps superb range of 28mm Mexican American War figures this official sheet is available for purchase now.