Battle Flag release new Hundred Years War French flags and banners

Battle Flag have released a new series of Hundred Years War French wargaming flags and banners.

Hundred Years War French flags and banners

From their announcement:

To complement the recent release of wargame flags for the English in the Hundred Years War this weeks release sees the first set for the French.

Entitled “The Enemies of the Black Prince” this sheet of war game flags includes Eleven banners of the French Nobility; King Philip VI, Charles (The Bad) King of Navarre, Comte de Namur, Baudoin d’ Annequin (Master of Crossbowmen), Comte de Aunoy, Comte d’Alencon, Comte d’Harcourt, Comte de Flandre, Sieur Chaunot, Signeur de Broussac and the Ordre l’Estoile.

As with all the flags from Battle Flag the set is available in both 25mm/28mm and 15mm with other sizes available upon request.