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Battle Flag release 28mm Napoleonic Russian 1797 Pattern flags

28mm Napoleonic Russian 1797 Pattern flagsBattle Flag have released a series of 28mm Napoleonic Russian 1797 Pattern wargaming flags. From their announcement:
The latest 28mm flags from battle Flag sees the release of the long promised )1797 pattern wargame flags for the Russian Army of the early Napoleonic period. (See the September 2009 posting for more details) 15 beautifully detailed plates allow the wargamer to add both the white (Colonel’s) and the colored (Regimental) standards to their Russian wargame Regiments. Using Battle Flag's stunning “living silk" effect these flags are designed to create the impression that they of real silk blowing in the wind. This effect gives the model army much greater visual appeal whether on the wargames table or in the display cabinet. As with all Battle Flags range of wargame and collectors flags they are printed using only archival quality inks and papers for superb quality and lasting value.