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Battle Flag Old West Wargame Building Kits and Models Now Available

Battle Flag have been preparing the first of their own range of wargame buildings:

From their website:

As with all Battle Flags products they are designed to give great results with only the most basic of modelling tools. The models come as both kits and fully completed wargame buildings.

The laser cut wargame building kit includes full colour waterslide transfers and decals for all hoarding and windows as well as a sheet of scale tarred paper effect roofing.
Extremely easy to put together all parts are pre cut and fit together perfectly. The full colour transfers and papers assure a superb model regardless of modelling ability. Only a little paint, glue, scissors are all that is required to create a superb model ready for the gaming table.

Battle Flag will be creating a full range of beautifully detailed models of Old West wargame buildings for our fictional town of Trinity. The models are all based on fully researched historical buildings from the Wild West of the Frontier Period of American History.

For the latest info and models go to