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Battle Chronicler version 1.2.3 released

An updated version of the Battle Chronicler mapping and battle report illustration software has been posted. From their announcement:
Army Builder Support Army Builder is the leading army list construction tool. It helps players prepare for a game and Battle Chronicler helps players after a game to record the action. Up until now there has been no way to link the two. An army list had to be entered into both systems. In the latest version Battle Chronicler supports Army Builder. So you can create you army roster in Army Builder, play the game and them import the roster directly into Battle Chronicler, saving precious minutes of your time and making battle reports even easier to produce.
Transferring a roster from Army Builder to Battle Chronicler is very quick, but you need to select the right options. Follow these four steps. 1) In Army Builder load you army roster and then select the menu option "File -> Save Custom Output" 2) From the 'Custom Roster Output' dialog select the option "Generate XML File" and press the Output button. 3)In Battle Chronicler select the menu option "File -> New" Select either army A or B and click on the "Define" button. 4) Select the "Army Builder" Button. Select the xml file created in step 2. This will probably be in 'My Documents\Army Builder\xml'. Press OK. Written battle report Battle Chronicler has always produced maps to illustrate a battle report and now the new version can help write the battle report itself. An automatic log is produced that describes events, such as unit moves and the loss of models from a unit. Battle Chronicler can calculate the exact distance a unit has moved, taking into account wheeled movement calculations. This is especially useful in Warhammer to see if moves are legal. Remote play support To help those that use that use Battle Chronicler to play online with a remote opponent a new secret notes feature has been added. This enables each player to add notes about their army at the start of the game that are encrypted. These can be revealed as the game progresses. To make cheating impossible each encrypted note has a unique hash value that is available to the other player and that prevents a secret being changed during a game. This all enables a closed list game to be played online. Extra Unit Symbol Option The number of symbols that can be used to portray a unit has been increased from two to three. Symbols can now be placed outside the unit as well as inside the unit.