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Battle Brush Studios review Tactical Terrains' Control Station

Battle Brush Studios takes command and reviews the Control Station from Tactical Terrains.

Control Station


From the post:

You guys surely are aware that MDF terrain has been all the rage for the past three, four years or so. Today I'll look at the offerings of some MDF from Germany - the Control Station kit from Tactical Terrains.

Tactical Terrains have been around for a while now. They certainly have been in the game of the whole MDF terrain craze early on. First time I came into contact with their stuff was when I got into Infinity a few years ago and played on a table with some pieces of theirs at my local gaming store.

Last year I realized I simply have too little in the way of 28mm wargaming terrain so I picked up a Tactical Terrain kit that had cought my eye before - the Kontrollstation.