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Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game Now Available

The Batman: The Animated Series show was one of the highest quality cartoon products I feel I've seen. It really captured the dark, dense world of Gotham and the inhabitants thereof. Though we watched it as kids (or, at least, I watched it as a kid), it really was full of grown-up themes and situations. Well, the Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game isn't quite so dark, but it is just as fun. It's also available now.


In the game, players will take on the role (as they roll) of one of Gotham's greatest criminals, each with a unique ability. From there, they'll be looking to get away with the biggest pile of loot. Roll moneybags to add to your stash while avoiding the Bat Signals (you don't want the Caped Crusader ruining your heist party). The one that gets away with the most loot wins. The rest end up in Arkham.