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Bastion Now Available From Z-Man Games

The enemy is here. The rampaging hordes of monsters have been ransacking the countryside, but now they've made it to the walls of the castle. Comparatively, they outnumber you about a billion to one. But all is not lost... hopefully. By banding together, the remaining survivors look to turn the tide of battle and send the monsters home. But will they succeed, or will the citadel be overrun? That's what you'll have to figure out in Bastion, the new cooperative tower defense game available from Z-Man Games.

From the announcement:

The enemy has arrived at the gates! You are the last line of defense against the endless hordes of monsters that now line the outer walls of the citadel. Mount the walls and muster your courage. Bastion is on sale now!

Combining aspects of popular tower defense video games with the tactile feel of a cooperative board game, Bastion puts you in the middle of an all-out onslaught from beasts, archmages, dragons, and all manner of legendary creatures. The tension mounts every game as new foes arrive and slowly advance along the bastion’s walls.