Bastion closes

By tgn_admin
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Jan 18th, 2011

Bastion have officially announced that they are closing.

From their website:

Right after the holidays, a series of event led us to the conclusion that a shutdown of operations, at least a temporary one, was needed. While sales are on the rise, communities are growing and our distribution network is improving everyday, it became apparent that we couldn’t continue with our current financial structure. The staff working at Bastion, myself included, has been let go, but it remains our collective aim to work together again once more on Ex illis with a new financial partner. Efforts are being made on that front, but as you can imagine, we are not in a position where we can freely discuss these things yet.

Despite this news, the servers will continue to stay up for the time being. This, and the fate of the Demon Horde box set, is of course intimately related to the arrival of new financial partners. While the future as a company is still uncertain, we have pledged to the player community that the servers would stay up and running and we intend to keep this promise.

This has been an emotional time for all of us at Bastion. We have been working hard over the last three years to create a game we are truly proud of, working hard in the past few months to avoid this situation, and now that it became unavoidable, we are still working hard to set it straight. You are welcome to write us at [email protected], but I apologize in advance if we do not have the time to answer to them individually.


  • riftsinger

    hmmm interesting although im not playing this game i did like the basic idea of what they were doing

  • MadNes


    Its a shame…

  • Morf

    Too bad, i know the team put a lot of effort into it.
    The collateral is kinda scary: this might kill all innovation in the miniature market for some time.

    • cybogoblin

      Or it might inspire someone else to come up with a similar style of game. Perhaps one that runs on multiple systems (Andriod, iOS, Windows) and can be used with cellphones.

      It would need a pretty strong game world to go with it, but it should be doable.

  • keltheos

    I think there needs to be serious market research done before an innovation such as what Bastion tried is implemented. Requiring a very expensive piece of equipment to essentially ‘roll dice and do math’ for you and assuming that most folks have access to and want to use such equipment at the table seemed a bit presumptuous.

    I do give them kudos for trying something new and attempting to draw the video game crowd into the tabletop market (or is it vice versa). We may find down the road it was simply a great idea that was ahead of its time.

    • wildger

      I agree. There is definitely a lack of serious market research. Depsite the effort by the team, the project is doomed in the beginning as predicted. While the idea is nice, it is simply not practical. If one decides to use computer programs, use the iphone or ipad, not the standard window laptops.

      • Toqtamish

        It does work on iphone, ipad and ipod.

  • Toqtamish

    No worse than reading those rulebooks and lugging them all over the place, I found Ex Illis alot easier to teach and learn and not worry about screwing up the rules but just playing. I hope more companies do games like this.

    • keltheos

      I wouldn’t lament the loss of a few lugged rulebooks. I’d definitely lament the loss of my laptop.

      It’s the expectation that I have and have interest in bringing an electronic device that’s the disconnect they have with most gamers. I do see the attraction for players who want something ‘fast’ and ‘simple’ or ‘different than traditional gaming’. I think something more along the lines of what FFG’s done with their apps for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Arkham Horror boardgame would have been a better bridge (dice roller/stat tracker/etc) to start with than taking the very ambitious step they did.

      I also find that one advantage gaming has is that it teaches some math, reading, and critical thinking skills. This sort of removes at least two of the three components.

  • puster

    By sheer coincidence both Bastion and Wargames Factory have the same Chinese company as manufacturer for their miniatures.

    • Zac

      Not sure where you are going with this?

      • The idea is that Ghost Studios have taken over both miniature companies. Probably with the aim of having a US base in the figures market. It would make sense given that they are manufacturers of plastic toys, see
        “My name is George Sivy, I am the North American representative of Ghost Studio. We are a China-based toy manuacturer and for the past two years we have been refining our plastic injection molding skills within the game market.
        Our current clients include Bastion Studios and The Wargames Factory. Additionally we are working closely with several other game companies to develop products.”

        • Zac

          > The idea is that Ghost Studios have taken over both miniature companies.

          Well if that was the fact then they wouldn’t be shutting down. And there would have been some mention of it.

          People should be direct with their comments.

          • puster

            People should be direct with their comments.

            How can I be “direct” when there is no direction to take it? There is not sufficient information for any judgement, BUT both companies have the same supplier, and are afaik the only wargame miniature companies with this supplier. Its something to remember when looking what happens, not more, not less. Chances are that there is a connection, but how this exactly looks, or wether there is any plan behind or blame to spread is open and unknown to me.
            Anyway, if you feel that any comment of me is in any way misleading or trolling, just delete it, and I promise I won’t bitch around on “censorship”.

          • Zac

            > How can I be “direct” when there is no direction to take it?

            Then maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all?

            > BUT both companies have the same supplier,

            So? You say there isn’t any information and yet that doesn’t seem to stop you from trying to make inferences.

            Its unwarranted.

            > and are afaik the only wargame miniature companies with this supplier.

            The did the plastic Clan Mech figures for BattleTech as well.

  • Toqtamish

    It also works great on any of the i device, phone, pod touch and pad.

  • Morf

    The last time I heard the math argument come up was in high school when a teacher got informed by one of the parents that kids play those devil-worshipping games full of magic and people tried to counter it with the math card. 🙂

    I wouldn’t go that deep into the reasons of Bastion’s demise. It seems very simple. A lot of investments into production, design and marketing, not enough money flowing back.
    Miniature world is really reallly tough and I’ve been saying this a lot of times – I know of thousands of easier ways to make living.

    • keltheos

      Heh. ‘strue.

      It definitely is, Morf, but it seems the money would have flowed in better (maybe they overspent, sure) if the game had been more approachable to more people. I admire the guys trying to bridge hobbies, but migh have been too much too soon.