Basra: 1946 The Desert War avaliable now

Basra CoverDarkson Designs have made their Basra: 1946 expansion for AE-WWII available for sale now.

From their announcement:
Cipher Studios will be selling the Basra Expansion while we are at Gen Con. This is a special offer to those that can not make it to the show. Once Gen Con is over and the Cipher team is back in the shop the book will come down until it is officially released.

AE-WWII Basra: 1946 Campaign Book Gen Con Special $34.99. Available as a pre-release during Gen Con 2010. 8.5? x 11? 108 pages

Basra: 1946 is a campaign supplement for AE-WWII. This book expands the unit choices available to all factions in the game. Detailed rules for using and combating tanks in the game are also included. The story behind the campaign lets players expand their games in new directions along the alternate timeline.
AE-WWII: Basra 1946 Campaign Supplement Contains:
• New historical units and background for British and German forces
• New weird war units for the game
• Rules for fighting in desert environments
• Rules for customizing tanks and other vehicles in the game
• Background on the desert war and the alternate timeline for the Iraqi conflict in 1946
• Three different campaigns representing the different sides of the story in Basra: 1946
• New hero choices, new special orders, and more