Basilean Grand Master Sullustis and Paladins unveiled by Mantic Games

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 27th, 2013

Mantic hadn’t shown off all the Basilean models right away in their pre-order post. Here’s some more Paladins.

From the preview:

What a week! The Basileans have caused a massive stir, and we’ve seen some great comments from fans of the range! We’ve now shown you all the new models… well, nearly all of them, at least. There’s still someone you need to meet (oh, and Berosos, some Men-at-Arms Crossbowmen and Command Group but you’ll have to wait for those!)

Grand Master Gnaeus Sullustis is the holy leader of the Paladins, pious and devout warriors as capable on horse as they are on foot.

The Basilean Paladins, Paladin Knights and Grand Master Gnaeus Sullustis are all now available to pre-order and will be released at the end of August

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  • Sisyphus

    WH Empire meet High Elves…

    Something really cool and original is needed badly… Fantasy seems to have a narrow breadth of imagination of at Mantic.

    How about an army of beetle warriors, Were squirrels , Things from the Deep Sea, Flying Aztec Monkeys, evil big-nosed gnomes with tri-barreled guns, Napoleonic-dressed Elves, fishmen pirates… samurai frogmen … anything modestly new.

  • jedijon

    It would be honestly tough to exist in a universe where everything you made needed to be A) at least tangentially appealing to the 40K/WHFB community and yet (hopefully) B) just different enough that people would agree to be your fans under the auspices that your products stood on their own merit also.

    If this hasn’t been said enough times to enough people to become the adage by which we judge the industry…then, well, know this – that the balance was already pioneered and perfected in the days of Rackham and has been (and is being) conducted herein as well. Namely that a company will touch on the tropes that move us: fantasy = orcs, elves, monsters…realizing them in their own style and giving some factions a twist or two. But then they’ll throw a “Wolfen” at you for good measure. 🙂

    There’s no company in existence whose entire catalog consists of crazy off-kilter figures. Not even for skirmish games. We all know why–and the smart company does too. Because they want to exist and nobody buys super weird crap. Even ‘Rise of the Occulites’ or those ‘Quar’ dudes are basically just casting a strange morphology in a recognizable universe. See the publicly-viewable success of some big-headed WWII whatnot in Rivet Wars.

    What I will, however, never understand is why within any given company quality can vary so wildly. Those Basilean horses are great for what they are. Diverse enough in pose, yet all based on the same template. Heck, they’re all computer generated, right? But they read well to the eye. Then that block of basic troopers just takes basic to an extreme. Plain. Scoot over to the lion and the mount is pretty passable with fairly clunky lines and styling but the outstretched arm is the wrong length and the rider is wooden & entirely in need of a head-swap. I mean, nobody took it upon themselves to call yesterday’s post of those Avatars of War plastic dwarves derivative. Were they so especially non-derivative because they have hoods? Hey, Privateer Press called and wants their druids back… But they were super well painted and wonderfully executed for plastic regimental models! They totally rock. And if GW models & rules rocked so wonderfully hard…there wouldn’t need to be so many other companies/games/rulesets/models, etc. Right? Or do we want to cut GW an eternal p/o to do all the standard fantasy tropes and hope somebody else will add cool druid – weremolerat – twisted/morally-ambiguous – period-piece megalomaniacal forces of destruction to our collective gaming repertoire?

    Mantic’s business model would benefit more from consistent quality standards–Ronnie needs to tell some sculptors “try again”–than it would by more greatly distinguishing themselves from their birthplace (ironically as I type this there’s a ‘Spartacus’ expansion banner add about 3″ away showing Romulus/Remus suckling…how appropo!), namely GW 🙂

  • Smokestack

    The biggest problem with new and wierd or “unique” is who would buy it? You may have a couple people who say ” yeah, I’ve always wanted a squirrel army!” But most people won’t. Most have a preferred game and look at companies like mantic to get alternate models or cheaper models for that game.

    Personally I would love for a full gnome army. Lots of little spars, mechanical contraptions, illusionists, etc… But other than me and a handful of others would it sell?

    • blkdymnd

      Actually, the soon coming Torn Armor games clockwork mercenary force is gnome based.

      • Smokestack

        Yeah I was a backer for Torn’s kickstarter. The gnome tower looks pretty good. I also backed Stonhaven’s gnomes which are the best looking out there. If Stonehaven does a skirmish game that would be great. A unit of gnome knights on wolves….

        • blkdymnd

          I never knew I needed gnome knights on wolves until you mentioned it 🙂

        • Darsc Zacal

          If StoneHaven were to create a full on Gnome Army all my monies would belong to them.

  • papasmrf667

    Not bad mantic! the horses and lion mount look great. The game classy podcast always talks about King of War whats going on with that ruleset?