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Basilean Grand Master Sullustis and Paladins unveiled by Mantic Games

Mantic hadn't shown off all the Basilean models right away in their pre-order post. Here's some more Paladins.

From the preview:

What a week! The Basileans have caused a massive stir, and we’ve seen some great comments from fans of the range! We’ve now shown you all the new models… well, nearly all of them, at least. There’s still someone you need to meet (oh, and Berosos, some Men-at-Arms Crossbowmen and Command Group but you’ll have to wait for those!)

Grand Master Gnaeus Sullustis is the holy leader of the Paladins, pious and devout warriors as capable on horse as they are on foot.

The Basilean Paladins, Paladin Knights and Grand Master Gnaeus Sullustis are all now available to pre-order and will be released at the end of August