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Basicks, a new minis site

Basicks is a new miniatures site that's going to feature mostly bases, but also other sorts of figs. They have soviet goblins, for instance. Isn't that fun? I like it, at least.

From their website:

History of the Basicks reaches as far as 2003 when Grzegorz Tomaszewski with a group of his friends was managing a little figurine painting studio. From 2005 that studio was changed into a company and it has been gaining fame around the world. For some reasons the studio has been closed up in 2012 and that's how the Basicks was created.

Our flagship products are bases to many wargaming systems. Thanks to our experience in the topic we can offer you only the best and most interesting designs created to fit tastes of both gamers and collectioners. Our main target is to provide something that is polished to the last detail.

We want you to be happy from the quality of our products and services. That's why we are constantly upgrading and creating new technologies for manufacturing of our products. In the future we want to provide more and more lines created to many various types of people.