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Barrow Ring Burning Adventure Available For The Woods

The nights are getting longer. The cold winds are blowing. The harvest has been collected. And the bonfires are burning. However, all is not well in the village. A chieftain is now dead. In the barrow, a body is burning. The yearly rituals are not yet complete and the Pale King has woken from his slumber. Can the Barrow Ring be completed before the entire town is doomed? That's what you'll have to find out in Barrow Ring Burning, the first full-length narrative campaign for The Woods, available now.

The adventurers in the game end up in the hamlet of Merbhanam. Samhain is upon the town, and panic is in the air. The adventurers will have to head out and find the hill gnomes and learn of their secrets. They must confront the new chieftain in Merbhanam. And, most importantly, they must make sure the Pale King doesn't enter into the mortal realm, for doom would await anyone in his path.

You can get your copy now.