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BaRPG Drinking Game RPG Now Available

The great dragon Soberia has been passed out for the past 1,000 years. But it has now awakened and, not feeling so great, has decided to turn the land of Alcoholia into Hangoverdor (a land of waste and ruin). It's up to the heroes to bring an end to Soberia's destructive ways and save the land of Alcoholia.
That's the story behind BaRPG.

The game is a card-based RPG. It's designed to be easy to play, considering the idea that you're also supposed to drink while participating (and complicated rules just wouldn't work after a couple pints). Obviously, the tone is rather light-hearted and meant to be all in fun. No rules-lawyer types allowed. The game isn't 100% done yet, but they're getting there, and you can order a copy for when it's ready.