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Barking Irons releases Moth Rules

Barking Irons releases rules for Moth, their 28mm Sc-Fi game.

From their website:

"We were warned by many but we chose to ignore them all. Prydia is aflame and none among us can stop it."

We here at Alternative Armies are proud to announce the release of our new 28mm Squad Level Sci-Fi wargames ruleset, Moth.

Set in our Ion Age science fiction universe Moth pits the armoured knights of the Retained and the volunteer soldiers of the Muster against each other in the service of their Lords, the Marcher Barons. The flame of insurrection has been lit on the planet Kendal III and the Prydian Precinct is beginning to burst into the flames of a full blown civil war.

Moth lets you to play out anything from a small skirmish with half a dozen miniatures per side right up to a platoon level battle with hundreds of miniatures in play. Written and designed for use with our extensive 28mm Ion Age miniatures range.

Moth is fast to learn and fast to play. A great experience for younger novice players and experienced tacticians alike. Using a clever D10 based central mechanic, our tried and tested Elan Rating system and a fluid squad dynamic, Moth combines both tension and fun in the heat of battle.

Now you can join the fight and win the Prydian Civil War for your noble masters.

Moth is available for purchase and direct download now here.