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Barking Irons posts new 28mm sci-fi scenario

Barking Irons Online have posted a new scenario for the Firefight 2.0 sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Heya Folks. Today Barking Irons brings you another adventure from the Ion Age. In "Headquarters Hell", a two player scenario for Firefight 2.0, we see a squad of Canlastrian allied Lothian Borderers defending their Command Post against attack by fanatical Yordists, can they survive until reinforcements arrive? Barking Irons has arranged a special offer with Alternative Armies to get you into the intense street fights of the Ion Age. For the duration of the Pacification campaign (or until the current print run is exhausted) you can get the Firefight 2.0 ruleset with bonus miniatures. Full details of the offer can be found at the bottom of every scenario in the Pacification Arc. Keep The Flag Flying! Craig Andrews Editor Barking Irons Folks!