Barking Irons Blog updates

The blog for Barking Irons Magazine has been updated with new content.

From their announcement:

Hello Everyone,

The Barking Irons magazine has its own dedicated blog which reports all the latest on the magazine plus all the news from Alternative Armies and along with other gaming blogs.

The blog has had a major overhaul and has a lot of content which you can read on a variety of subjects. Recent posts include;

  • The Whyte Revolt – Part One
  • Barking Irons magzine No 3 – Cover and Contents
  • High Fantasy – 28mm Mountain Orcs and Orc Artillery
  • High Fantasy- 28mm Skeleton Legion
  • 15mm Science Fiction – HOF Octopods
  • Notables Yahoo Group – New Painting Competition
  • Reviewing Wargames website – Lady Wintermores Fangs reviewed

As well as high quality postings the BI Blog has also just posted the first part of the Flintloque adventure arc ‘The Whyte Revolt’ a multiple part sequence including fiction, images, scenarios, characters and more.

Read it all online on the blog for free in coming weeks.

You can learn more about the Barking Irons magazine on our website. We are posting more material as and when we get it. Bookmark or follow us today.

Thanks for Reading,
Gavin Syme.