BareHanded Games launches Nevermoor Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 1st, 2013

BareHanded Games has launched their Nevermoor miniatures game Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

Nevermoor is a skirmish style horror adventure game for 2+ players set in the plague ridden streets of Nevermoor. Each player in Nevermoor controls a party of five characters from one of the remaining guilds within the city. Players face off on the streets of Nevermoor to obtain whatever objective their guild envisions.

At its core, Nevermoor is a territory control game where players capture buildings across the city with the models in their party. However, the game unfolds as characters level up, purchase new abilities/equipment, and cross paths with enemies in combat encounters. Nevermoor attempts to blend the strategic resource management of territory control with the teamwork based combat found in party based RPGs.

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  • Crunkbeard

    Sounds awesome, like Mordheim/Necromunda. Models are uninspiring however.

  • surprize

    I think that is being kind. The proportions of the models looks a bit off (some of the pelvis joints look way too wide and the legs too long) and I can’t see anywhere in there that they have actually moved beyond renders to 3d prints for the sculpts. Big danger of digital sculpting IMO (over traditional) is not actually holding in your hands the actual thing as you go. Doesn’t say anything in their blurb I can see about their sculpting pedigree, so a really big punt as to whether these digital sculpts will look good as models and can be cast well (due to renders sometimes disguising mistakes in relief with the fancy shadows they cast on the 3d sculpt, things like rivets for example can disappear)

  • Gallahad

    The pictures all have some sort of weird aspect ratio thing going on. I am not a fan of the bazookas and mechs and knights fantasy/sci-fi mesh, but that is just personal taste.

    I do think they have shown some actual prints, but I may be mistaken.

    • I recall the exact same thing and I mentioned last time that the aspect ratio was off on the pictures. I think some of the models are really interesting, but it’s really unprofessional to not correct the aspect ratios before you post them and expect people to pay. They show the correct aspect on the group shot in the higher rewards pictures. AFAIK only one model has the correct aspect ratio in the single presentation. It’s that helmeted female with horns in a dress (Sorry I can’t be bothered to check her name again, I get cranky and throw tantrums when I have to watch wrong aspect ratios).

  • I’m sure they had some 3D prints done already, probably in TGN’s archive.

    Anyway, I like the vibe of the game, and the death eater is suitably cool looking. I’d like a reward tier where you get a physical rulebook for less than $120, allowing ad ons for models and guilds.