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Barbarossa and El Alamein Historical Deck Building Card Games coming July 2016

Everyone has their own preferences. Some people like Anime. Some people like Historical. It's alright. Well, when you have a game that's historically-themed, but uses Anime artwork, there's a chance you could lose out on some customers. So during their Kickstarter for Barbarossa and El Alamein, Kamikaze Games had a photographic version of the two sets. Those will be available soon on their website.

For those that might not have looked into them before, the sets are a historical deck-building game. These particular sets use actual photographs from WWII, showing units and equipment that were used during the Russian and African campaigns. These historical sets use the exact same rules as the Anime-themed set, just using different artwork for the cards.

Expect the games on store shelves in July of this year.