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BaneLegions website now open

Maelstrom Games have opened a website dedicated to their BaneLegions range of miniatures. Chimera From their announcement:
It's a great day for us here at Maelstrom Games for we can finally reveal (well, officially, anyway) the BaneLegions website to you all at Tabletop Gaming News. Chock full of BaneBeasts and - gasp - BaneLords shizzle (although there's not too much of the latter yet), head on over to the quite superb but still rather under construction BaneLegions website for a full on dose of monstrous miniature overload and resin miniature glory. You'll see similar words on the BaneLegions website, of course, but we'll say it here anyway - 2011 and beyond will see a host of fine quality miniatures released for the BaneLegions range, with the first seven already known through our physical store at the Eye of the Storm in Mansfield, United Kingdom, the webstore and the events we have been to. These are the BaneBeasts, huge resin monsters and creatures that should dominate your tabletop like they were meant to. Shortly, however - in April - the BaneLegions range will expand to include the BaneLords, character models, commanders and generals, and whilst we will not say too much about this range as yet, we’re sure you can guess what they will comprise. We'll be releasing at least one BaneBeast a month from here on in (and one BaneLord a month from May) and the next one - BNB-008, Oácyning, Lord of the Oak-Enta - will gain some detail next Friday. However, because there's a bit of concept about for this huge tree man dude we thought some people might like to pre-order them right now. There'll be some actual product shots next week, of course, but if you feel like you can buy on the strength of the concept art alone then go for it at the Maelstrom Games webstore. More news as and when.