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BaneLegions price reduction

Maelstrom Games are reducing prices on their BaneLegions range of fantasy miniatures. From their announcement:
It’s been a while in coming, but with our voodoo ninja bartering skills we’ve managed to reduce the cost of manufacturing our resin miniatures to the point where we can, in fact, pass that saving directly on to you, the customer. This is Good News with a capital G and a capital N, both for customers and for ourselves, because it has been quite frustrating reading the feedback from the general public on the interweb – which always focuses on the price of the BaneBeasts and the BaneLords, and with some good reason, we have to admit. If you weren’t already aware, the cost of casting a miniature in resin is quite expensive, for the simple reason that the process requires time, skill and no small amount of materials in a way that casting metal miniatures doesn’t. We knew this when we began creating our superb fantastical miniatures, yet we still plumped for resin because we are, and always will be, about quality miniatures – resin retains the detail and form of the master sculpt, unlike metal, which always loses detail in the final piece and also shrinks. That being said, we have always been conscious of the cost, but now we have arrived at a place where we can reduce that and ensure our miniatures are more affordable.
Thus, you will find most of the BaneBeasts’ recommended retail prices reduced (except for Magágg, who is about right for his cost) by around £10.00, meaning you can get hold of The Terror of Fortriu for £89.99 and our latest creation, Galagaak, for £49.99; and our BaneLords’ recommended retail prices have also been reduced massively, for Brunchaath the Vile has dropped from £12.99 to £9.99 and Cynuise of Old from £14.99 to £9.99. How awesome is that. Additionally, anybody who has pre-ordered Galagaak, Brunchaath and Cynuise will get a refund in line with their new price, although that will be based on whether you used a voucher or not on the Maelstrom Games webstore, of course. Speaking of the webstore, we have also taken the decision to apply our standard 10% off to the BaneLegions range, bringing them in line with most of the items we sell – thus meaning you can grab Galagaak for £44.99 and Brunchaath for £8.99. The Good News just got better. So, thanks must go to all of those fantastic people out there who have bought our miniatures in the past, and we hope that those who have wavered because they think our miniatures are too expensive can now take the plunge and grab some miniature awesomeness that you simply can’t get anywhere else.