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BaneLegions previews Gynroch ap Roch (it's a dragon)

BaneLegions has a preview up for Gynroch ap Roch. I'm just happy that I actually get to post this picture to you guys in good conscience.

From the preview:

We have something very special for you for the August BaneBeasts release – a nightmarish miniature sculpted by one of the finest sculptors in the world today, Michaël Bigaud (or mikh, as he is known). Drawn up by the splendiferous Stefan Kopinski and to be painted by the bubblicious Ben Komets, Gynroch ap Roch is a simply amazing beast that defies description and the camera. Full of impossible angles and details that need to be seen to be believed, you really must get your hands on this foul creature!

Gynroch ap Roch is intended for the Brythons and the forces of Gwynedd, and as always with our miniatures that have a distinct Welsh bent, here’s a quick pronunciation guide. Gynroch ap Roch, Wocor of Powys should be pronounced Gun-roch (as in loch) ap Roch (as in loch), Wock-or of Pow-iss!