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BaneLegions preview more concepts and Krull teaser

Maelstrom Games preview more BaneLegion concepts:

From their announcement:

Wow! The response to our post from last week has been very interesting, to say the least. It seems there are many people out there who are loving what we’re doing and can’t wait for it to happen, which is great from our perspective – it means that BaneLegions is really striking a chord in wargaming land.

There have been some great responses in the various forums on the internet, but one in particular on Dakka Dakka has prompted a response from us about our setting. Zedmeister (who surely deserves some sort of prize, we think) researched the names of the various races and factions that we unveiled last week and was pretty close to what they actually are in our game setting; so much so, we simply had to go into more detail.

Obviously, not everybody will have seen our response, so we thought we’d expand upon it here and even include a couple or three more concepts for you to get your teeth into…