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BaneLegions preview 2012 and beyond

Maelstrom Games Ltd provide a look at their upcoming projects for BaneLegions:

From their announcement:
Last week, when unveiling the superb BaneBeast Keirioc-cró to you all, we mentioned that we’ll be revealing a little of our plans for the BaneLegions range in the future. We don’t want to reveal too much – for the future is, as always, a little nebulous – but we’ll be telling you about some of the exciting miniatures planned for 2012 as well giving away a few snippets about where BaneLegions is going.

As a range of miniatures, the BaneLegions will expand greatly over the next twelve months, and you can expect at least one BaneBeast and at least one (probably two) BaneLord per month to be released in 2012, just like in the latter half of 2011. This means there’ll probably be around thirty to forty BaneLegions miniatures released in 2012 – which, at least for us, is a lot of miniatures! We are very confident that they’ll match and even surpass the quality of those released in 2011; obviously we can see the concepts and work in progress and you guys can’t – we generally work around three or four months ahead of the release schedule – but we’ll show you some of those miniatures nearing completion today, as well as quite a few concepts that will be turned into miniatures over the next year or so.
note above that we said as a range of miniatures. What this oblique reference means is that BaneLegions is not just a range of miniatures; with a few exceptions, each miniature is a part of something greater, a race if you like (in some cases a faction within a race), within a setting that will, ultimately, be familiar to most. In short, If you read the background of each miniature we have released so far, you will find some clues as to which race or faction they belong to, but little more than that. We have been deliberately implicit. In this post, we’ll be a little more explicit – starting with the names of some of the races (and the factions within those races, in brackets) that will feature – at least initially – in this setting. These are, in no particular order, the Seaxons (Mercia); the Fomorians (Baalor); the Érainn (Uí Néill); the Albainn (Fortriu); the Norse (Scylfing); the Ysians (Ker-Ys); the Atalantians (Ilios); the Khthones (Gorgo); the Romani (Brython).

In stating these, you should be able to work out exactly why this setting should be familiar to most: it is our own. An alternate version, maybe, but it is still recognisable. For anyone who knows their history, they will understand that there are many other races and factions within this setting and period of history – and therefore, the above are simply the start.

Ending Speculation

Now we’ve got all that out of the way, it’s probably time to end a bit of speculation we’ve read out there in internet-land. We are most definitely working towards releasing a skirmish wargame that will be appearing at some point over the next few years. We cannot say much more than that simply because we will not be restricted to any kind of deadline. It will be ready when it is ready, and not before. To be clear, most of the miniatures within the BaneLegions range will feature in this wargame, either within the races/factions mentioned above or others not mentioned; just not initially. We will not say which ones won’t, because (like all things) nothing is set in stone and, when all’s said and done, we do not wish to restrict ourselves to just the above setting anyway. If we fancy releasing a cool miniature that has no bearing on the forthcoming skirmish wargame, we’ll release it! So fear not, if your favourite BaneLord or BaneBeast is not listed above!


Crikey! We hope you’ve found all this illuminating and interesting, and we also hope you’ll stay with us for the foreseeable future. There’s exciting times ahead, not least because there are even more surprises than the above in store for you all. We believe that one miniature in particular – almost ready for release – will have even more of an impact than the superb Terror of Fortriu; sculpted by the incomparable Daniel Cockersell, the mighty Krull will knock your socks off.

Until next time, keep it BaneLegions!

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