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BaneLegions now has a bits order service

BaneLegions is now selling their model bits directly online. Customize your models the way you want!

From the update:

It’s taken us a little longer than we wanted to get everything ready, but we can now reveal that (almost) each and every component for all of our BaneLords miniatures will be able to be bought separately, from the Maelstrom Games webstore, from today – with the BaneBeasts Bits following next week!

So if you’ve been searching forever for that particular weapon for a conversion, need a crocodilian body to start a crazy miniature of your own, want a different standard for your command group or even just fancy Kraan’s bear without Kraan – well, now you can get those components and much more besides. On this website you can now see all the various components for our BaneLords on each miniature’s page – see below, too – but on the Maelstrom Games webstore you can get your hands on each and every component (well, there’s a few components that simply don’t make sense to offer individually) organised into body parts and weapon parts and accoutrements and so forth, just to make it easier for you to pick out what you need.