BaneLegions, new releases + early releases!

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
May 8th, 2012

BaneLegions has some new releases along with some early releases to show off (of which we can show 3. The 4th was a bit risque for a family-friendly website such as ours tries to be).

From the update:

First Monday of the month (well it’s Tuesday, sorry!) = BaneLords day and a little suprise, we’re releasing Blunt-Claw and Aanchuth a month early alongside our regular releases. So they’re up for pre-order now!

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  • Killraven

    Nice sculpting work overall, but these guys really need to get their anatomy lessons from someplace other than old Playboy magazine cartoons. Some work on basic gravity wouldn’t hurt either.

  • skullking

    Great looking stuff!

    I love the beastman warlock, and whereas I thought that the rat guy was more ‘Rat Ogre’ sized, he appears to be just a Big fat ‘normal sized’ skaven/ratman/veermin/etc. It’s interesting that both of their rat people have no fur, though their vermin Lord type guy does. A good way to differentiate from GW, also makes them more disturbing.