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Banebrood Skulleaters Available For Megalith Games

Having recently gone through moving the offices here, I can certainly understand how it'd cause a delay with products going out. Add to that a bit of resculpting, and you can see why it's been a bit since we've heard from Megalith Games and Godslayer. Well, the moves are done and the resculpts are completed, so you can get yourselves the new Banebrood Skulleaters.

From the announcement:

After a considerable delay due to re-sculpting of the minis and two warehouse relocations, the Banebrood Skulleaters have finally released, closing out Wave-1 of Godslayer.

The news on the street is that there are literally tons of awesome sculpts nearing release for the launch of Wave-2 which will be take the form of a Kickstarter around the end of May.