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BaneBeast Kemorannac available for pre-order

Maelstrom Games is now accepting pre-orders for the BaneBeast Kemorannac figureBaneBeast Kemorannac. From their announcement:
In the bleak lands of the Oghurithne where the mountains scrape the sky live many creatures of evil temperament but none evince more terror and revulsion than the savage, bestial Oghurüc, long-legged giants of hoof and horn that legend tells were created to protect the meeting places of the gods, the oghu circles that puncture the landscapes of the bitter north. Kermorannac is one such, an Oghurüc from myth that lives alone amongst the highest peaks and the darkest caverns of Moreb, marking his territory with the bodies of those that wander too close to the ancient monuments in stone within his realm. His purpose is clear even to those who know nothing of these lands, for whilst the gods may have forsaken the oghu circles the Oghurithne and, indeed, the Oghur have not, and they dare not make their pleas to a forgotten pantheon without appeasing their bestial kin beforehand lest they fall prey to the savage retribution that defilers deserve