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Bane Tabletop Card Game Up on Kickstarter

Vampires, Werewolves, and Super Humans. They just can't ever seem to get along with one-another. And in a game like Bane, the new card game from Gamesicle that's up on Kickstarter, it doesn't look like their overall differences are going to be solved. Instead, the various groups out out hunting one another through the post-apocalyptic streets. A worldwide pandemic has killed off most, but left others showing off ancient genetic code that turned them into one of the three mentioned above. Now, it's up to you as one of them to make sure that your group is the one that takes over the Earth.

The main box game comes with:

1 Game Board
48 Hunter Cards
2 Hidden Power Cards
5 Player Boards
5 Special power Cards
5 Bane Tokens
6 Score Tokens
1 Start Token
1 Leader of the Hunt Token
2 Player Prompt Tiles
1 Hunter Marker
1 Prey Marker
1 Rulebook

The game is just over halfway to their funding goal with 12 days still left on the clock.