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Bandits and Brigands Available to Order For Test of Honour

In any society, there's going to be those who don't want to follow society's rules and would rather just forge their own path. This often means taking from others, leading to a rough life of banditry. Certainly, there were those types in feudal Japan, and Warlord Games is letting you control your own outlaw group with their Bandits and Brigands sets for Test of Honour.

From the post:

Selling their sword for blood money, the new Bandits and Brigands sharpen their swords whilst they wait for their next contract…

Kojir? leads a gang of bandits and brigands with a reputation for robbing travellers in sudden, vicious attacks. His lack of mercy has earned him the nickname ‘Oni’ – the demon.

Ruthless, cunning and upholding little to no honour, these bandits and brigands will fight for any side if they have the right amount of money. Nothing is too beneath them and nothing is too challenging, making them the ideal hire for anyone who wants a job done.