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Bandidos Mexicanos and terrain sale from Gangfight Games

Gangfight Games gets into the spirit of Cinco De Mayo by offering 10% off their Bandidos Mexicanos starter set for Blackwater Gulch over in their webshop. They've also teamed up with Angry Mojo Games, who is giving discounts on their wood-cut terrain if you use the code "BLACKWATER" at checkout. Added to that, Gangfight Games is showing off renders of their Chupacabra Pack for the upcoming Savage Beasts Expansion. You can check those out below the cut.

From the announcement:

Chupacabra Pack

Hola Amigos!

In celebration of everyone's favorite Mexican themed holiday, we are happy to announce that the Bandidos Mexicanos starter set for Blackwater Gulch is on sale this month! Take 10% off the starter set if you use the coupon code TEQUILA when you check out :) Click here to buy em now! The sale starts today and lasts until June 1st.

Also, on the topic of savings, the nice folks at Angry Mojo Games are offering discounts to all of you on their new laser cut wood terrain. Use coupon code BLACKWATER when checking out on their online store. They just released a cool looking abandoned train model kit, and will soon be releasing a whole line of Wild West buildings. Check 'em out!

Last Month, we showed off some screenshots of new Werewolf sculpts for the upcoming expansion, Savage Beasts. We decided to go ahead and get their Chupacabra minions done too and right now we're waiting to get the prints for the whole pack done. We decided to do a small Savage Beasts Kickstarter Campaign, probably in June or July, however long it takes to get the master models and paint them up. It will be a quick 2-week campaign, kind of like a pre-order, but we also have a few stretch goals for other beasts lined up. I'll have more details on that in the coming weeks :) In the meantime, here's a new screenshot of the whole Werewolf Beast Pack.

We've been really busy these last few weeks, we just launched a brand new website, you can check it out at! We hope this new format will help us show off our games better. Soon we'll be forwarding our old URL over to this new server, and we still have to finish the Mechadrome section, but for now you can check out all of the Blackwater Gulch content and while you're there why don't you check out the new playtest rules for our Savage Beasts expansion and let us know what you think? :)

That should do it for this month. Thanks so much for all of your support! We hope to have some painted werewolves to show off next month :)