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Baker Company updates Winter War Miniatures Kickstarter campaign with a look at the Finnish Squads

Baker Company is almost... umm... finished with the... Finnish rifle squads... and wanted to show them off.


From the update:

Below you can see 1 version of a complete rifle and an LMG squad for the Finnish army. With 3 available NCOs (running, standing and kneeling), 3 different packs of riflemen (running, standing and kneeling/prone) and 4 different LMG teams (running, standing, prone and kneeling), the variety of your squads will be wide enough for a good mix on the table top. The Red army have the same mix. When we send out your rewards we will ensure each of your squads in a platoon is composed differently - how you ultimately decide to squad them is up to you.

Thanks as always for all your support so far and lets see how far this will go!