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Bailey Records release Kaos Monster

Bailey Records have released a resin Kaos Monster model for use with their Kaiju Kaos rules. Kaos Monster From their announcement:
Bailey Records today announces the long-awaited release of our first multi-part resin Colossal Kaiju model kit: the KAOS MONSTER! “I’m pleased to announce that the first of many Colossal-sized resin models is finally available to order online from our partners at Acheson Creations,” said Bryan Borgman, Bailey Records’ owner. “Nearly a year ago, I gave a sneak peek of the original sculpt to some close friends. This past May we finally released the basic rules for the game which include the stats for the Kaos Monster. Also beginning in May, we began selling the Kaos Monster in limited numbers at AnCon and then at Origins. Finally, the big guy is available through our webstore at Acheson.”
The Kaos Monster was designed and sculpted by Cline A. Siegenthaler and molded and produced by Craig Acheson. The multi-part resin kit stands roughly 7 inches tall from bottom of base to the top of its head and is designed to be played with other 28mm/1:56 scale tabletop miniatures. The Kaos Monster comes with a built-in 10-inch diameter base that represents the monster’s “footprint” on the battlefield. Official stats and description of the Kaos Monster can be found in Kaiju Kaos – The Miniatures Game (product code #brcsd901) at Also releasing today are three different giant-sized resin bases for use when basing toys or miniatures for use in Kaiju Kaos. Included in the assortment are Size 3 (3 inch diameter), Size 4 (4 inch diameter), and Size 6 (6 inch diameter). More bases in a variety of sizes up to 10” diameter will be released over time. Kaiju Kaos miniatures available for online purchase. Kaiju Kaos miniatures will also be available at Gen Con Booth #1948 (Acheson Creations) in August.