Bailey Records has new token sets for Kaiju Kaos

Bailey Records has some new token sets available for Kaiju Kaos. Available now on Wargame Vault.

From the website:

Kaiju Kaos – Game Aids, Vol. 01

Featuring printable Burst Weapon Templates & Gaming Tokens for use with BRCSD901: Kaiju Kaos - The Miniatures Game (2011 Bailey Records).

Burst Weapon Templates include:

* BW1 x6
* BW2 x4
* BW3 x2
* BW4 x3 (including cover page)

Gaming Tokens include:

* Acid Burned x3 (including cover page)
* Alt-Form x2
* Buried x2
* Burrow x4
* Camouflage x2
* Chameleon x2
* Force Field x3 (including cover page)
* Frozen x2
* Invisible x2
* -2 Action Points x4
* Objective x5 (including cover page)
* On Fire x4
* Panicked x4
* Paralyzed x2
* Plugged In x2
* Possessed x2
* Stunned x2