Bailey Records goes monster with Kaiju Rising and Kaiju Kaos, Volume One

Bailey Records have released a new soundtrack for your Kaiju gaming, Kaiju Rising and Kaiju Kaos, Volume One.

From their announcement:

Bailey Records today announces the release of “Kaiju Rising,” the first single from the forthcoming Kaiju Kaos, Volume One by Stratos.

“I’m pleased to announce Bailey Records’ return to the Kaiju genre after a three-year absence,” said Bryan Borgman, Bailey Records’ owner and primary song composer also known as Stratos. “At this time we’re not announcing any specific release dates for a full-length compact disc; however we are excited to say we will be releasing new songs regularly through our digital download storefront at DriveThruRPG/, Flames Rising, and DriveThruComics.”

“Kaiju Rising” is the first single from Kaiju Kaos, Volume One. Heavily inspired by popular Kaiju heavyweights such as Godzilla, Cloverfield, and Go Hero’s Yira, “Kaiju Rising” was composed and produced by Stratos and is fully-suitable for any monster-centric medium..

Kaiju Kaos, Volume One will feature ambient soundscapes, bouncy techno, and 8-bit/arcade-style audio inspired by countless sources of Japanese anime and monster media. Stylistically, Kaiju Kaos is an unofficial sequel to our popular Mecha Vs. Kaiju – The Soundtrack and will definitely appeal to fans of that album. Kaiju Kaos, Volume One is part of the Futuristic Universe catalog (future / sci-fi music) of Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design. Additional Futuristic Universe catalog releases include Mecha Vs. Kaiju – The Soundtrack (Bailey Records, February 20, 2007) and Rezolution – The Soundtrack (Bailey Records, August 11, 2009).

“Kaiju Kaos” is now available for digital download exclusively at for only $0.99.

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