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Bailey Records announces Optithulhu Minifig for Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown

Bailey Records has just released their new Optithulhu minifig for Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown over in their webstore.

From the announcement:

Since it’s conception, I’ve dreamed big with KAIJU KAOS and have wanted to tear down traditional barriers within the industry,” said Bryan Borgman, Bailey Records’ owner and KAIJU KAOS miniatures game designer. “Besides making a miniatures game using colossal monster miniatures, we have a full-length soundtrack, and now collectable, designer toys that are fully compatible with KAIJU KAOS in addition to highlighting their own special version of the game called SMACKDOWN.

“Optithulhu is an original design I sculpted for the Eldritch Horrors faction of KAIJU KAOS. Inspired by Lovecraftian designs, Optithulhu is a multi-eyed, hairy, tentacle monster ready to follow Cthulhu’s call and take on those that do not obey.

“Through our Storenvy shop I will be offering up a variety of colors for Optithulhu. Each color is limited to 10 castings. In addition to these limited colors, a “gamer gray” version will be made available in unlimited quantity initially at Storenvy and then permanently at and at gaming and comic book conventions. The first offerings are:

· Snow White (opaque white resin) for $8 each
· Green Ice (clear emerald green resin) for $10 each
· Gamer Gray (opaque gray resin) for $8 each