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Bailey Records and ManOrMonster? Studios announce Warlords of Wor – The Miniatures Game

Bailey Records along with ManOrMonster? Studios have announced a new miniatures wargame entitled Warlords of Wor.


From the announcement:

Bailey Records and ManOrMonster? Studios are pleased to announce Warlords of Wor – The Miniatures Game!

Many years after the first Timepocalypse, our Earth remains shattered; the world we knew, civilization, time itself… all left in ruin.

But there is a great city that serves as a beacon of hope for the righteous and unfettered. Protected by a vast magical wall, the city is safe from the devastating effects of the Time Storms, meteorological anomalies that threaten to displace within the Temporal Web any living thing caught within their wake. The people of this fair community live their lives unencumbered by fear of these unpredictable remnants of the Timepocalypse, or the dark secret at the heart of their existence.

There is a man, if one can call him that, who wishes to destroy everything these citizens have created. He is gathering his forces, dire and sinister, to wage war upon this oasis and reveal this long forgotten secret. Beware the blackened armies of Dekay! But do not fear, for our bravest and mightiest Warlords fight to ensure our borders never be breached by hoarded evils from the other side. This place is the last great City of Man. It is a place of peace and hope, of science and wonder. This is our home. This is Wor.

And now you and your friends can relive the adventures with Warlords of Wor - The Miniatures Game by Bailey Records.

Warlords of Wor - The Miniatures Gamefeatures complete rules and stats to bring the official Warlords of Wor minifigures to life on the tabletop as they battle one another through scenarios, basic firefights, and good old fashioned brawls.

Warlords of Wor - The Miniatures Gamewill use the Kaos System developed by Bailey Records for Kaiju Kaos / Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown. Utilizing the Kaos System will make both games completely compatible for fun, cross-over action while retaining each property’s unique style and feel.