Baelor Miniatures releases the Bloodied Base

Baelor Miniatures have released a new base accessory for tracking game status for RPGs and fantasy games.


From their announcement:

No, not a vampire-slaying dungeoncrawl. An accessory for the current edition of the world’s most popular RPG, the Bloodied Base is designed to go under the base of just about any medium or smaller figure as a visual notice that it is Bloodied. You can use a little blue-tac to keep the base attached and easy to move with the figure.

Sculpted with an attractive cobblestone pattern, the Bloodied Base has a row of raised hearts around the edge, so you know at a glance what it means. Add a little red paint, and the Bloodied characters will really stand out. No more having to mentally track which characters and NPCs are bloodied, the Bloodied Base makes it easy.

Available through the Baelor store on the Armorcast site.