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Baelor Miniatures releases full colour Zone Effects

Baelor Miniatures have released a series of coloured effect gaming templates. Vitrolic Green From their announcement:
Baelor Miniatures and Armorcast Battlefield Scenery are proud to announce the release of Baelor's new and improved line of Zone Effects battlepieces. Each Zone effect is individually sculpted and then cast in colour for easy recognition and awesome appearance on the battlefield. Zone Effects are designed to represent ongoing effects on the gameboard in any game that is divided into squares – games like 4th Edition D&D, the BASH Superhero RPG, Star Wars Miniatures and many more. You get 4 matching pieces per pack, to mark out any square, and you can resize the square each and every time you use them depending on the size of the effect. Designed to lie along the corners of a square, Zone Effects don’t get in the way of placing figures, taking up no ‘real space’ on the game board. Choose from 6 awesome effects – Fire, Lightning, Ice, Cloud, Acid and Thorns, and a host of colours . No more having to mark up your battlemat, then painstakingly erase it a few turns later. Also useful for representing force fields or other effects.