Baelor Miniatures release new status markers

Baelor Miniatures have released a new set of sculpted game status markers.

CSB015 Divine Mark (4pcs).jpg

From their announcement:

Baelor Miniatures is pleased to release four different mark tokens for miniature and RPG gaming. Ideal for use with the current edition of the world’s most popular RPG, these marks also make attractive and recognizable tokens to denote status, area of effect or zones for miniatures games.

Each mark is sold in a pack of four. Or pick up the giant variety pack, which gets you four of EACH mark [total 16]. The different marks have distinctive profiles for easy recognition on the table. In addition, each type of mark has embossed or raised detail which can be painted differently to further distinguish it from others of the same type.

Pictured is the Divine Mark, but also available are marks for Martial, Primal, and Arcane.