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Badger Games Website Officially Launches

Always nice when a company can get their own website, establishing their own foothold in the gaming world. That's just what Badger Games has done. They've got their own website now, and are running a special 20% off sale on certain items to celebrate. If you'd like to check out their wares, now's the perfect time to do so.

From the launch:

They said it would never happen, but Badger Games LLC has a website and it is up and running and taking orders. To celebrate, we are running a special US and International shipping promo and rates to anywhere in the world for most orders are only 20% and less in the US (no small feat given current USPS rates).

Badger Games owns Pontoonier Miniatures and Mongrel Miniatures for those of you looking for these excellent figures. In addition, we own and exclusively distribute a number of other ranges that many thought lost forever such as Obelisk Miniatures and Regiment Games and their fantastic Drantakh aliens (which have been greatly expanded).

Additionally, we carry a fantastic selection of ranges from around the world here in the US available online and at the many CONs we attend.